Change Of Pace

Last week I took the plunge and switched jobs. I am now driving trucks for a crane company (who it is I will keep to myself for now ).
It is a change of pace for me! In the past I have always worked for transport/freight orientated companies and this company is a crane service, first and foremost. Transport is an integral part of their operations but not their prime focus. I am, basically, here to ensure that all the extraneous crane equipment is onsite when they need it. The equipment includes all lifting chains, counter weights and outrigger “bog mats”.
It might not sound like much but when you consider that the current “largest” crane is a 400t slew crane – the counter weights’ required for a heavy lift can occupy several triple roadtrains when a major relocation is needed. Rumour has it that a larger crane is on it’s way.
So far I have been “bored shitless” between crane jobs. The company flew me into Leonora (Western Australia’s Goldfields) for my intial introduction to the company. When I arrived there I found my self to be the third truck driver onsite competing for the sole truck still running out of the depot. Usually there are two trucks running out of the Leonora depot but one truck had blown a turbo and was slated for a new gearbox while the second truck had a driver already in it. (Since then, the first truck is back on the road – the driver in the “operational” truck has left, but the driver on holidays has returned so it leaves us back where we started).
Several days after I arrived the company sent me 1000km north to the Newman depot where they where one driver short. The first two days I was here I washed whatever vehicle was in the yard (just to keep myself occupied) because there wasn’t any need for me. It is really, really hard for me to adjust to hanging around the yard! I am so used to being busy or simply going home if there is no work. Up here I am about 1200kmk from home so I don’t have that option. Also, all of the staff are expected to hang around in case a rush job comes up and they have to mobilise straight away. Right now I am running out of stuff to do and I am finding it really hard to look busy, let alone BE busy!

Cheers, Mike.

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