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Surrounded By Shit Paper

May 26, 2010

Totally amazed lately by the amount of toilet paper blowing around in the bush alongside many of the more popular parking bays on the Great Northern Highway, Western Australia.
The parking bays over here don’t come with toilets. You need to do a bit of business – you grab the roll of toilet paper ( usually nicked from home or a roadhouse down the road ) and bugger off into the bush where you have a bit of privacy and drop your pants.
Now the nice, polite, boy scout thing to do is to drop a shovel full of dirt on top of your great achievement and the toilet paper you used to make sure your reintegration into society goes smoothly.
Sadly, not many out here are anything close to boy scouts.
It isn’t that hard though. I bought a collapsible shovel for $15 that does the job. Burying the best part of yourself not only keeps the place looking clean and tidy – it also keeps the bloody flies away!
So try it next time. And Keep Australia Beautiful.

Mammoet”s New Star

May 9, 2010

These pictures were snapped with my iPhone at AV Trucks in Guildford, Perth, Western Australia. To the best of my knowledge, this is the story : The truck had just been driven from Brisbane to Perth for delivery to Mammoet’s. It has been specially built to do one job, after which the truck will no longer be required. The job is to move something large and heavy from Port Hedland to Yandi minesite in the Pilbara. The “something” will be carried on a platform and propelled by a “pusher” and a “puller” truck (front and back) and travel at 45km/h.