Holidays-The Middle

Five days into my holiday and I’ve re-learnt how to sleep in. Well, maybe. I think the time difference between here and home in the west has something to do with it. Getting up at 8:30am in Tasmania is like getting up at 6:30am at home. Does that count?
Went and annoyed the residents of Bruny Island yesterday. Nice place. Caught the ferry over there in the morning and drove around the whole island. Found and logged two geocaches, the second one was located at the Bruny Island lighthouse – worth the drive to go and have a look. I could see myself buying a few acres there and doing some navel gazing when I get old and decrepit.

View from Cape BrunyCape Bruny Lighthouse

I’m still not coming to grips with the cold though, too much time in the Pilbara I think. The Pilbara can get cold but at least it warms up when the sun appears and I haven’t heard of snow there either.
But holidays are supposed to take you out of “the everyday” and give you something to remember until to you manage to escape on the next little adventure.

Harts Mountain

Cheers, Mike.


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