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Scum Of The Earth

October 14, 2008

Break And Enter

Break And Enter

You’ve really got to love the people in this world that think because some people have something they don’t, they are entitled to come along and just take it.
Ok, the truck isn’t mine ( I just drive it ) but the contents of the truck belong to ME! I work hard to EARN the money I use to buy my stuff. I spend long hours putting up with all sorts of shit and idiots to scrape together a living. I spend many nights away from home and family so I can enjoy some of the little luxuries that hard work brings me.


Then along comes some prick with a brick – probably never done an honest days work in his life – and he decides that what’s mine should really be his. So, to get at it, he causes nearly as much dollar value in damage as the cost of the equipment he steals.
I was pretty lucky. Two trucks where broken into at the yard. The other truck was stripped of stereo/speakers and other equipment inside the cab. I lost a GPS ( the most expensive item ) and phone charger/ipod charger and a jacket. The GPS was over two years old and I was looking at updating it but I really loved that jacket! Shitheads.

Really pissed off, Mike.

Kumarina Oversize

September 7, 2008

This is a video I shot a while ago. I was taking an oversized load to Newman from Perth and stopped near Kumarina to film this.

Cheers, Mike.